First All-In-One PLC Simulation Software

The only software designed to allow you to build custom machines along with programming that machine using any PLC software, also using different types of communication like real-world OPC topic, Modbus, USB Interface cards, etc. Build custom training, along with machinery logic testing for proof with work.

Visit our FAQ for any questions you have.

The one area in manufacturing automation has had is now been made easy with the use of EasyPLC software suite because it allows you to test your own knowledge by programming one of the many pre-built virtual machine templates or by building your own custom-built machine.

Taking the learning curve out of manufacturing automation along with machine testing to verify your plc logic works as designed.

PLC Simulation software
PLC Simulation software
PLC Simulation software
PLC Simulation software
PLC Simulation software

EasyPLC Covers

What’s included?


Design Machines, Use Pre-Built Machines, PLC programming, & Simulate Testing.


We have all wanted a real-world solution to program PLC controls then to be able to test them to make sure the logic we programmed will work as we designed…finally it’s here – EasyPLC & Machine Simulator.

Program PLC Controls Any Major Brand

Use any major brand of PLC software with an OPC server or the dedicated communication drivers (Siemens, CodeSys, Rockwell Automation & more)


Design your own custom machines using Machines Simulator using the drag & drop elements that are built in the system.

Pre-Built Machines

There are over 50 pre-built machines that can be used to start programming today to challenge your knowledge in a fun way.

EasyPLC Programming Software

A graphical interface that allows you to program ladder logic, function block, Grafcets, and Script all in an emulated environment from your computer to make it an install & use software.

Program PLC Controls Using EasyPLC

EasyPLC comes with its own PLC programming software so it is not required that you already have experience or software.

PLC Logic Testing

Fully test your PLC logic after you program it by linking to your machine then watch how it runs.

PLC programming Tutorial

EasyPLC also has a guided PLC programming tutorial that can be purchased separately to reduce the learning curve for PLC controls. 

Making PLC Programming Fun

This adds a gaming element to the world of operation technology which makes programming PLC code for machines fun & easy to test.

Become an expert

By using EasyPLC’s software suite you can take your plc programming to the next level by testing it on a virtually built machine that is pre-built to save you time or even building your own custom machine with our easy-to-use drag & drop elements.

With the EasyPLC Software Suite, you can use a personal computer (PC) to conduct automation control training and simulations.

The main characteristic of EasyPLC is that it emulates the operation of a Programmable Logical Controller (PLC), utilizing the programming languages that are used most in the industrial world: Ladder, Grafcet, Logic Blocks Functions, and Script.

You will be able to learn how to use the automatic control systems utilized in the industry with just your PC, the PLC programming software, and an input/output interface (optional)

Build Custom Machines

Using drag & drop elements, this video shows how Machines Editor Work

Simple to use & effective way to learn from, this 20-minute video shows how to use Machines editor to build your own custom machines for testing.

Using A Real-World OPC Topic

Connecting An OPC Topic Using Rockwell Automation

This video shows how easy it is to program the PLC logic for the machine we just built & how to attach the OPC topic for the machine to work with a Major PLC software brand like Rockwell Automation

Machines Simulator

Simple pre-built machine

This video shows using one of our simple pre-built machines to get the hang of how things work together better.

Using the machine simulator is an easy way to bridge the gap between real-world applications & the virtual environment to make testing PLC controls safer while reducing costs.

“This reduced our learning curve for teaching PLC logic…so glad we started using EasyPLC!”

“This reduced our learning curve for teaching PLC logic!”

Jame Poss, Coca-Cola training Coordinator


Commonly asked questions

If you are anything like myself, you are interested in a better way to test PLC logic or even learn PLC programming with a real-world system but you have some questions.

Let’s answer some of them.

Operating Systems Requirements

The EasyPLC software suite works with Windows 11, Windows 10 & also easily works with VMware workstation V15 and higher. The software works best on computers with 8gbs of memory or higher. Required 64 bits OS!

Are Support Documents?

Yes, all of the support documents can be easily found by opening the software then clicking the support link, or by navigating to the folder to view them as well.

How do I get the software?

You must purchase any of our available licenses, once payment is made, you will receive the download links for the purchased modules.

What's the catch?

We get this one all the time, You mean there is finally a low-cost solution to testing PLC logic or learning PLC controls…what is the catch? There is no catch, we built this software to help as many people as we could & bridge a huge gap in the manufacturing automation field.

Do we get free updates?

Yes, once you have purchased EasyPLC then you get all our updates from that point forward & we do have plans to make the software even better.

What PLC Software Is Required?

There is no plc software needed to use EasyPLC software suite because it comes with its own programming software. With that being said, EasyPLC is often used with all major brands of PLC software like Rockwell Automation, Siemens, & CodeSys for example using an OPC topic.

Can I Build My Own Machines?

Yes, you can use our pre-built machines or build your own custom machine with ease. Another option is to make copies of the pre-built machines then edit them to save you even more time, all of this work stays in the software’s folder structure.

Do I Need Any Actual PLC Hardware?

The EasyPLC software suite is not required or limited to using PLC hardware, meaning, you can use the software with an actual PLC processor or you can emulate the PLC processor. There is no need for any external hardware as long as the PLC software you are using has the ability to be emulated like Allen-Bradley, Seimens, or Codesys for a few examples.

Do I need an internet connection?

No, EasyPLC works directly from your laptop or computer.

Advance Your PLC Programming Knowledge

Using your own computer, simulate a machine with a physical PLC or with an emulated PLC processor to bridge the gap between the theory of operation to a proof of work state.

Easy to use & learn with

Use our pre-built machines or build your own with our drag & drop elements from the machine editor. Make a scope of work then program it using any PLC software, works with all major brands of PLC controls.

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