Machines Simulator



The Easy PLC Machines Simulator offers you a virtual 3D world with real time graphics and physical properties where the PLC programs can be tested.


You can create your own machines or use some of the different predefined machine installations.


Select the necessary components from the Machines Simulator editor library to build your machine, easily configuring the input/output assignments and the specific element characteristics. In the editor library, you will find different types of sensors and actuators such as photocells, inductive switches, electric motors, transporter trays, elevators, and more.

Machines Editor


The EasyPLC Machines Simulator editor is an easy to use tool, enabling you to create easy, medium or complex mechanical systems with assembled mechanical, electrical and electronic components that can be programmed later using EasyPLC. This enables you to check how good you are at PLC programming.


You can also replicate real, physical systems to be programmed in a virtual way and avoid damaging the actual system. Alternatively, you can start programming and verifying your program BEFORE the system is created.


If the components you need are not available in the library, you can use the components editor to create your own mechanisms and devices.

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You can use the Machines Simulator to test the EasyPLC logic programs or the PLC programs made with any PLC system. To do this, you must use an external EasyPLC hardware I/O interface to communicate with the PLC and the EasyPLC simulated I/O to interface the PLC signals with the EasyPLC Machines Simulator.

EasyPLC Machines Simulator benefits for students


A great problem for PLC programming students is the lack of resources available for practicing what they learn.


Now imagine a virtual 3D world where you can experiment with all kinds of machinery.

EasyPLC Machines Simulator benefits for professionals


Do not take the risk of damaging machinery through a programming error.


Make the programs prototypes before the machine is finished.


Show your customers how the system will work before it is built.


Traffic - easyplc machines simulator
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easyplc machines simulator Drill Station
Gantry - easyplc machines simulator
Gantry - easyplc machines simulator
easyplc machines simulator - Gantry Loader
easyplc machines simulator - Lift System
Mixer - easyplc machines simulator
easyplc machines simulator - Pallet Distribution
Pick and Select - easyplc machines simulator
easyplc machines simulator - Robot Loader
Solder Line - easyplc machines simulator



Virtualization example with the EasyPLC Software Suite. This is a real example showing how the EasyPLC software can be used to replicate real physical systems using the virtual PLC included in the suite or your own version.

Machines Simulator v.3.6 NEW VERSION !!!

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Machines Simulator

Machines Simulator editor

Machines Simulator in action

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