Simulator Lite

Machines Simulator Lite

A lighter version of machines simulator designed for Android devices so that you can interface with a system via a tablet.

Simulation & Training for Mobile Devices


The Machines Simulator Lite is a simplified version of Machines Simulator to be executed on Android Mobile devices.

With this new software (included with The EasyPLC Software Suite) is possible to use an Android smartphone or tablet to simulate the virtual machine, make the PLC logic program with your PC using EasyPLC or your own controller system, then test the virtual system in your Android mobile device.

You will be able to learn how to use the automatic control systems utilized in the industry, write programs. In conclusion, it is definitely the most complete and real training system for automation you can find.

Machines Simulator Lite Concept


Once you have created your system with Machines Simulator Editor (or using the already predefined systems), launch Machines Simulator Lite on your mobile Device, and connect using the same net the PC that is running EasyPLC, you can see in your mobile device how the logic program is working, stop it, and made all the modifications in the logic program that you need.

You can create your own machines with Machines Simulator 3, then copy the machine files to the Android device and start the simulation