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You can download a demo version of the EasyPLC software below & when you decide to purchase the software then a full license will be emailed to you with all the new updated full versions.

This is just a small gift to show you we care.

EasyPLC 5 is distributed in two versions: DEMO and Registered.

The EasyPLC Demo is free which only allows you to use the simulated I/O device.

This means you cannot communicate with commercial I/O devices, use the PC ports (serial, parallel, USB, or Ethernet) or use the standard communication protocols (like OPC DA/UA, Modbus, …).

This version is, however, free for personal use, but does not generate any economic benefit to the user/distributor of the software.

The Machines Simulator and Machines Simulator VR only are distributed in registered mode (a license is required to use the software).

If you want to use EasyPLC for commercial purposes, utilize all the available drivers or write your own, use plugins, or create your own virtual machines to automatize, you need to buy a registration license. Please go to Purchase & Price for details.

Before downloading and installing the software, you must read the EasyPLC license terms and conditions, and only install it if you agree with the EasyPLC license usage.


EasyPLC Brochure

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EasyPLC v5.12.1 (demo)

EasyPLC Demo Download

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