Visual Control Plugin

Using Visual Control with EasyPLC

Use your computer’s webcam to for system controls or to interrupt images in logic control.

1. Visual Control Editor


The Visual Control Editor is a stand-alone application that allows you to configure the Visual Control Plugin, in order to select the camera to use, the resolution, the regions to control, and the parts to detect.

Go to the EasyPLC\Plugins folder and execute the Visual Control Config.exe program.

Set up the Visual Control


From the left panel, select the video source you have available in your system (previously you have to install your webcam drivers) and select the resolution you want to use in the bottom combo box.

Press Start Button to preview the webcam image.

Press Camera Properties to access your webcam image properties.

Press the Take Photo button to save the webcam image on your hard disk as a photograph.


2. Regions


The Regions are used in V.C Plugin as an area to control. You can create as many regions as you need, each one can detect movement or kinds of parts in function their color.

To create a region, press the Create Region Button in the Regions tab.

Set up the Visual Control


First, select the region color, this is to see the marked area over the image, second press the mouse left button and drag a rectangle to fill the selected region area.

In the region’s grid, you can change the region’s position and size, color, density, and sensibility.

The Density is used for averaging the color of all the pixels inside the region.

4. EasyPLC Plugin


To use the controls, then open the EasyPLC then add in the plugin by selecting plugin & adding the VisualControlPLG.

Verify Plugin Is Active


Now the plugin is added so you can now use the visual controls in your system, refer to the help files for more on how to use the visual commands in the plc logic.

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