Included Drivers


With Machines Simulator the following communication drivers are included  in order you will be able to connect any type of solution

Driver Description Included
Serial Driver This driver provides 8 inputs and 8 outputs, sending/receiving only one byte in binary mode YES
Rockwell Factory Talk Logix Echo driver to connect with Rockwell Factory Talk Logix Echo and simulate Studio 5000 programs without the need to use OPC libraries (RSLinx). YES
PhidgetsInterfaceKit Driver to communicate with Phidgtes PhidgetsInterfaceKit I/O cards via USB port YES
PhidgetsWebService Driver to communicate with Phidgtes PhidgetsInterfaceKit I/O YES
Siemens Simatic Step 7 – PLCSIM Driver to directly communicate with Siemens Simatic Step 7 software.
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Siemens PLC With Siemens PLC driver you will be able to connect your with a physical (or simulated) Siemens PLC via Ethernet protocol.
S7 300 / S7 400 / WinAC / S7 1200 / S7 1500 PLCs
Siemens LOGO Use it to connect with Siemens LOGO PLC via Ethernet protocol. Compatibility (CPU’s 0BA7/0BA8) YES
TwinCAT v3

Use this driver for communication with TwinCAT v3 software.

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Using the Generic OPC Driver you will be able to connect with Codesys system. See video

Download the configuration instructions here CODESYS OPC Driver for EasyPLC

TCP/IP Driver to communicate two PCs with Machines Simulator via TCP/IP protocol, it can also be used as an HTML server, then with PC or mobile device, M.S. can be accessed remotely.
Using a Phone to manage remote I/O
Nirtec_USB_1516 Card Driver to communicate with Nirtec_USB_1516 card YES
ModBus With this driver is possible to communicate with external devices using the ModBus protocol. This driver accepts the Modbus serial RS-232 (RTU) and TCP/IP protocols. YES
Generic OPC Driver Using this driver will be possible to communicate with Real or Simulated PLC’s using the standard OPC protocol specifications. YES
OPC Driver Enhanced OPC driver enhanced to communicate with: Rockwell RSLogix OPC Server, OPC.SimaticNET and Mitsubishi MX OPC 6 YES
OPC UA OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) is a machine-to-machine communication protocol for industrial automation. Available in Machines Simulator YES
Arduino UNO You can use an Arduino UNO card and manage it with M.S. Arduino UNO provides 12 configurable digital I/O (6 of them can be programmed as analogic output) and 6 analogic inputs.
With Arduino UNO driver for M.S., you can configure each pin as I/O (digital or analogic) and can read/write the signals in the EasyPLC logic programs.
Important: the Firmata (StandardFirmata sketch) must be loaded on Arduino UNO in order to use his driver (included in Arduino UNO IDE or download from:
Virtual Panel Use a virtual panel with lights, pushbuttons and selectors to write and see the logic state of the I/O YES
IOIO OTG Allows managing an IOIO OTG card. Provides 46 digital I/O (3,3V) YES
PoKeys57U This driver allows you to manage a Pokeys57 interface USB card. Provides 55 digital I/O (5V tolerant), 7 analog inputs (12-bit). All the I/O are controlled by EasyPLC. PoKeys57 can be used as an industrial or electronic interface with other systems or data acquisition board YES
Yottacontrol driver Drivers for Yottacontrol A-1055S and A-1860 cards YES
Shared memory I/O driver Use the API Windows FileMapping functions in order to create your own I/O driver with your favorite programming language using these functions. The driver allows managing 256 digital inputs and 256 digital outputs. The first 32 bytes must contain the digital input values, the next 32 bytes will have the values of the digital output. YES
Simulation Driver Driver for Simulation purposes.
Use this driver to test your logic programs, using windows where you can press for simulate inputs and see the outputs values
USB OPTO RLY88 Driver to manage the USB OPTO RLY88 card. YES
Remote Panel

Use an Android-based Tablet or smartphone to communicate with M.S. and manage remotely the I/O with a Virtual Panel Interface.


Download the free Android RemotePanel2