Machines Simulator

Bridging the Gap in Manufacturing Automation

Simulate machines with ease with our drag & drop elements, improving on plc training, logic testing, & machine design all while maintaining safety using a virtual environment.

Machine Editor


The Machines Simulator editor is an easy-to-use tool, enabling you to create easy, medium, or complex mechanical systems with assembled mechanical, electrical, and electronic components that can be programmed later using EasyPLC or your favorite automation software (Siemens TIA PORTAL, Rockwell Studio 5000, CodeSys, Schneider, Festo, TwinCAT, Mitsubishi,…)

This enables you to check how good you are at PLC programming.

You can also replicate real, physical systems to be programmed in a virtual way and avoid damaging the actual system. Alternatively, you can start programming and verifying your program before the system is created.

If the components you need are not available in the library, you can use the components editor to create your own mechanisms and devices.

Easy To Test


Machine Simulator allows you to customize the I/O why testing the functions of the I/O directly from the machine simulator software.

It comes with more than 50 pre-built machines to quickly get you started with programming by having an easy to load the virtual system with working inputs & outputs digital and/or analog.

Testing your I/O or using the interface to get a scope of work of the machine to be able to program the plc logic the correct way the first time.


Build, Edit, Program…It’s That Simple


Machines Simulator offers you a virtual 3D world with real-time graphics and physical properties where the PLC programs can be tested.

You can create your own machines or use some of the different predefined machines.

Select the necessary components from the Machines Simulator editor library to build your machine, easily configuring the input/output assignments with specific element characteristics. In the editor library, you will find different types of sensors and actuators such as photocells, inductive switches, electric motors, transporter trays, elevators, and more.

Build Machines

Use Pre-Built Machines

Program Your PLC Logic

Using Machine Simulator

Here is a live example of editing one of the pre-built machines in a working system to show how easy it can be to use a machine simulator with any major brand of PLC controls.

The example video below shows using Rockwell Automation’s Studio 5000 with an OPC topic.

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