EasyPLC Software Suite

Simulation and Training Software for Realistic 3D Simulation of Industrial Machines

The EasyPLC Software Suite is the complete solution for automatisms test, training and simulation, create your own scenarios for your digital twin or use the included ones, then connect it with your preferred automation software as TIA PORTAL, Rockwell Studio 5000, Schneider, CodeSys or any other system that accepts the OPC DA/UA or Modbus protocols.

PLC Programming Software


Now you can use any PC like PLC programming software!

EasyPLC transforms your PC into an automatic control system. Make PLC programs in the same programming languages used in the manufacturing automation industry.

Discover the world of PLC controls!

Easy Install


EasyPLC Software is designed to work with PC ports (USB or Ethernet). It is not even necessary to open the computer or carry out complex configuration tasks.

So, all you need to do is just install the software, connect the interface and start to program.

Ladder Logic

Sequential Chart

Function Block

PLC Programing Features


A cross-index for the localization of programmed elements. An editor with an identifier that tells you about the correct syntax for the written commands.

Also a program print preview option.

Program visualization during execution, be able to easily test your plc code with our simulation.

Software Characteristics


Structured programming using sequences and functions makes it possible to create well-structured programs.

Use variables like entities to produce easily debugged and documented programs.

Program elements: Boolean, integer, long, float, double, and string variable types, counters, timers (standard, on-delay, off-delay), and configurable data blocks to conduct PLC operations.

Script Coding

Instruction List

Easy PLC programming Languages

  • Ladder Logic
  • Sequential Charts (using Grafcet)
  • Function Block
  • List Instructions

You can program in the Ladder language and easily create complex programs. EasyPLC Software Suite can also be programmed in the Grafcet language, which is valuable if you want to write sequence programs. You can also easily write controls with function blocks, and now Instruction List language are available!

The Script language allows you to introduce sequences inside the PLC program written in the C# language. From the EasyPLC C # Script language, you will have access to all the PLC elements (inputs, outputs, variables, counters, timers, data blocks, and more), as well as HMI controls (messages, images, labels, graphics).

In this way, you will be able to write effective programs in just a few code lines.

For more advanced users is available the Instruction List Language (IL)


Only available in English

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